Your vehicle needs regular maintenance to run well and get you safely where you need to go. Whether you're an essential worker who needs to get to their job on time, or you're working from home, when you want reliable transport, you want a vehicle that's well maintained. At Rusnak/ Westlake Audi, we're dedicated to keeping you on schedule and to keeping your vehicle on track with all of its regular maintenance and service.

Oil changes and other services are important when it comes to keeping your vehicle running great and getting you where you need to go. Here in the greater Los Angeles area, when Audi drivers need service they can trust, they visit our maintenance center and the expert technicians we have on staff.

Not only do we give you peace of mind with service you can count on, we also deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can stay safe at home and still take care of the necessary items on your to-do list.

Schedule an appointment online using our secure website. You choose the best day and time to have your vehicle serviced, and we'll work with your schedule.

Then, we'll even pick up your vehicle when the time comes for your service appointment and we'll drop it back off once it's done, ensuring you don't have to leave the safety and security of your home if you don't want to.

Trust the trained and certified, professional service center team at Rusnak/Westlake Audi. We promise to provide you with the expert care and maintenance your world-class Audi vehicle needs to run well for a long time, and we promise to find new and innovative ways to help you take care of your important tasks from a distance, without having to visit the dealership in person.

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