Is your Audi ready for service? After all your trips around Los Angeles or Malibu, it may be time to check your mileage. Bring it to Thousand Oaks. Whenever a service light illuminates the dash, it is time to bring your Audi in to get checked out. Rusnak/Westlake Audi gives Westlake Village customers a simple solution for service without the hassle. Even if there are no visible problems, it's still a smart idea to have your car inspected every few months to avoid an accident or break down.

We Can Handle Any Car You Bring Us

Our Audi-certified technicians are experts at repairing any car from Camarillo to Simi Valley. Here are some simple maintenance procedures that might be due on your car this season:

  • Oil and Filter Change: Changing your oil frequently will result in a long-lasting and healthy engine. Schedule an appointment on our web page for the quickest service.
  • Brake Service and Repair: It's important to keep your braking system in top shape for performance and safety. We measure every set of brakes that comes into our shop, and we'll make you aware if you need services like a brake flush, new pads/rotors, or a full rebuild on brake calipers.
  • Cabin and Engine Air Filter Swap: Switching out your engine air filter is a great way to enhance engine performance. Plus, you will breathe easier inside the car with a fresh new cabin filter. Switching out air filters is a quick and easy task, so don't hesitate to bring your Audi or another vehicle to Thousand Oaks for a quick visit if you need help.
  • Tire Service: We can give you a list of all the possible tires compatible with your specific vehicle. It takes just a couple of hours to switch out all of your tires, and we can even perform a quick tire balance and/or rotation upon request without delay.

Schedule an Appointment Online

Your next visit to Rusnak/Westlake Audi for service on your Audi or another vehicle is a click away. Visit our site, and select a time slot that fits your schedule.

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