Let us ask you a question. What do you like most in a new car? Getting all the latest gadgets and gizmos available in an updated package? Or would you prefer to save money on a luxury sedan or crossover? What if Rusnak/Westlake Audi told you there was a way to do both? It is absolutely possible when you search through the 2019 Audi selection at Rusnak/Westlake Audi.

Thousand Oaks is the home of dozens of brand-new 2019 Audi models to compliment your garage. A 2019 Audi is a great way to potentially save hundreds of dollars on a brand-new luxury car, while still getting everything you crave in the newest version. Great technology, impressive performance, exceptional comfort will be found in every 2019 model, just as they are in the 2020 versions. The only difference is how long the vehicles have been available to you at Rusnak/Westlake Audi.

For many of the Audi models, 2019 was the start of a new beginning. Several models went through a refresh or significant upgrades with their design and technology features. There is virtually zero drop off in quality when you consider the 2019 lineup of Audi vehicles. You still get a great high-quality Audi for an exceptional price.

Consider this: When you are looking for a new Audi sedan or crossover, only a 2019 model qualifies for Rusnak/Westlake Audi's '19 Inventory Close Out Sales Event. It is a great way to save on the Audi A5, Audi Q8, RS5 or e-tron you have had your eye on, without spending all of your hard-earned money to keep up with the Jones's in Malibu.

You know you have wanted an Audi for quite some time. Don't overlook the 2019, just because it isn't the latest version. Why not save money on the new Audi you love by finding a 2019 model? Browse the selection of 2019 models at Rusnak/Westlake Audi and start feeling the exhilarating drive of a 2019 Audi.

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